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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) usually develops by age 12 and persists into adulthood, although symptoms can change over time. Contact Ella Williamson, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC, at Druid City Wellness Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for help if you or your child displays signs of ADHD. Treatment typically combines medication with behavioral therapy for the best results. Call Druid City Wellness Center to schedule a consultation or book an in-person or telemedicine appointment online today.

What is ADHD?

ADHD affects your thought processes and behavior, causing difficulties in three areas — inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.


Inattentive children are often labeled daydreamers. They struggle to focus and get distracted easily, going into a world of their own where they don’t hear you speaking to them. These children are often forgetful, disorganized, and prone to boredom.

Adults encounter challenges like poor time-keeping, becoming overwhelmed when faced with complex tasks, and difficulty meeting deadlines.

Hyperactivity and impulsivity

Hyperactive children are always on the go, playing, running, and often being noisy. They find it hard to sit still, fidget a lot, and have little patience. Impulsivity is acting without thinking about the consequences.

For example, a child might jump off a wall without considering the risk of injury or lash out in anger and frustration. They often get into trouble at school for their behavior.

Some people have primarily inattentive ADHD, others are primarily hyperactive and impulsive, but you could have any combination of symptoms.

How is ADHD diagnosed?

Diagnosing ADHD isn’t straightforward. Anyone might display the behaviors this condition causes at times, but people with ADHD exhibit them frequently and consistently for years.

If you recognize these problems in yourself or your child, visit Druid City Wellness Center for an expert evaluation. Ella has years of experience diagnosing ADHD, using her expertise to determine if the problems you or your child are experiencing are due to ADHD or another disorder.

Ella also offers the FDA-approved computer-based QBcheck test for ADHD. It objectively measures your child’s core ADHD symptoms and compares them with other children the same age and sex, both with and without ADHD.

You can’t pay for QBcheck with your medical insurance. However, Druid City Wellness Center only charges a $350 self-pay fee for this service.

What treatments are available for ADHD?

Stimulant medicines activate parts of the brain affected by ADHD, helping improve concentration and reduce unwanted behaviors. Druid City Wellness Center offers GeneSight® psychopharmacological genetic testing, which helps to determine which medications will suit you or your child best.

Behavioral therapy teaches you how to manage your behavior so you face fewer problems in daily life. These treatments help you do better at school, work, and in relationships, and lead a happier, less stressful life.

Call Druid City Wellness Center to arrange an ADHD assessment or book an appointment online today.